Rwanda. Niezwykły świat górskich goryli i magicznej przyrody

Są miejsca o których myśli się regularnie, choć nigdy ich się nie odwiedziło. Każdy z nas ma taką przestrzeń. W moim przypadku jednym z nich jest Rwanda.

Już chyba pisałem na blogu, że bardzo często świat który chciałbym poznać, obserwuje najpierw na Instagramie. To taka zdrowa zazdrość, kiedy przeglądam profile innych Instagramowiczów i uczę się świata ich oczami.

Rwanda zawsze interesowała mnie z dwóch powodów. Pierwszy to konflikt między plemionami Hutu i Tutsi, który śledziłem dzięki wojennym fotoreporterom. Drugi to to Dian Fossey i jej „Goryle we mgle”, które wzmocniły moją ciekawość, fascynacje i później miłość do górskich goryli.

Gorylom poświęcę pewnie na jeszcze nie jeden post. Zwłaszcza w kontekście Parku Narodowego Volcanoes, który jest jednym z tych miejsc o których pisałem we wstępie

To be continued #africa #akageranationalpark #rwanda #nationalpark #wildlife #ontheroad #birdfriend

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Dziś jednak dzięki niezwykłej sile Instagrama i dzięki kadrom Instagramowiczów, chciałbym zabrać Was na „spacer” po Rwandzie.

Poniżej z tysięcy zdjęć wybrałem dla Was niezwykle kolorową opowieść. Zbyt krótką aby poczuć to miejsce i jego dzikość, ale być może tym postem zachęcę Was do poznania tego miejsca bardziej realnie. Kto wie – może wybierzemy się tam kiedyś razem i spełnimy swoje marzenie?

Hej snyggingar! Tänk om man kunde rida på er #akagera #afrika #rwanda #canon80d

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Staring competition with a 200kg silverback gorilla. He won. #whatyoulookingat #rwanda #nofilter

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Rwanda // This young man makes his living carrying these sacks of potatoes that weigh 150 kilos or 300 pounds down the side of a volcano where the sacks can be picked up by a truck. They make just over a dollar per load and can do 10 loads a day. Behind this field of potatoes you can see the trees that are inside Volcanos National Park. The edge between the agricultural fields and the park is defined by a large rock wall and a trench that keeps the buffalo from crossing into the fields. Human population growth will continue to be one of the greatest threats to the survival of the ~480 mountain gorillas living in this region. Rwanda's population has doubled in the last 20 years to 11 million today. The really shocking figure is the population density of between 900-1000 people per square mile (double that of the Netherlands) in a country that is 90% rural agrarian farmers. The future of the mountain gorillas, like all wildlife, is linked to a stable human population – both in population growth and political stability. Picture by @ronan_donovan

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The tallest land animal #Giraffe, #AkageraPark #TemberuRwanda #BeautifulRwanda #Rwanda #Nature

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Tradition. Picture by @nazan.askalli

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A mountain #gorilla lies amongst the leaves in #Volcanoes National Park, #rwanda. #conservation #nature #wildlife

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And that’s a wrap… what an incredible holiday it has been! #rwanda #uganda #kenya #africa #seychelles #familyholidays

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Last confession– I drink it every day. @1000hillscoffee Traveling soon w @thestoryfirst #coffeeconfessions

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Just chilling with my bro #bestexperienceofmylife #gorillas #Rwanda #soamazing

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Glorious melanin #rwanda

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Nom nom nom | #soultravelers #babyanimals #gondwana_ecotours

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So, Rwanda is the 5th best place in the world for women to live! Guess who made me aware of the fact? My husband @kennethjordanphotography! When he found that out, he went on a quest to hear it right from the mouth of the source. —————————————- A few months ago, while we were making dinner together, he told me about an idea he had; to interview women in Rwanda and ask what makes it great to be a woman in this country and if they would share a bit of what they think make Rwandan women so strong. He wanted to share their stories on his website, so that his audience could know as well. —————————————- In the weeks leading up to International Women's Day on March 8th, he will continue to highlight stories from remarkable women across the country. Take a look at some of the stories he's already shared (link in bio) —————————————- PS…I am having a seriously proud wife moment at my husband's heart and passion to see all people thrive. This guy is the same one who went out and bought a 'Jesus loves Feminists' pin when we were dating and wore it around our college campus, because he knew I was extremely passionate and involved with women's empowerment initiatives. I'm very proud to have such a partner in life <3 • • • #rwanda #women #womensissues #africa #dreams #beauty #beautiful #beautifilworld #travel #everydayafrica #joy #traveling #empowerment #passportready #1000hills #landof1000hills #joyful #digitalnomad #eastafrica #africa #hopeinternational #nonprofit #savingsgroup #compassion #research #NGO #poverty #realafrica #jetsettravel #bucketlist

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Northern province, Rwanda – Mount Muhabura in background. Picture by @laraheimert

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Caption this below! #babygorilla #silverback #rwanda

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Intore dancers at Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda Picture by @laraheimert

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Mother and child in the Isabukuru family. #gorillas #Rwanda #VolcanoesNationalPark #Isabukuru

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